Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Building Bridges Beyond Borders (BBBB)

A programme to provide basic education to Myanmar refugees in an informal refugee school and help improve literacy, spoken English and self confidence, among underprivileged local children living in orphanages and young adults in a special facility for young offenders.

Volunteers spend most of their time teaching the Myanmar refugee children. (These children have no access to formal schooling in Malaysia). Volunteers teach English, basic maths and other subjects. Volunteers also spend part of their week at one of the other homes. (Working week is 5 days and approximately 35 hours).

BBBB needs enthusiastic volunteers who want to make a difference in these children’s lives.

Volunteers  are provided with a private room in a flat shared with other volunteers near the refugee school.

For volunteers who would like to volunteer and live in a traditional Muslim home this can also be arranged. This is a worthwhile and challenging assignment for the right person.


After returning home Eilish reflects on her time at BBBB in Kuala Lumpur

Eilish and Faye had to return to the UK a few days earlier than expected as the Corona Virus meant borders were closing across the world. Here Eilish reflects on the second half of their assignment and what the experience meant to her…… Being home for almost a month now, its given me time to […]

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In Early March Faye Finished her 6 Month Placement at the BBBB Programme

She thought it could be useful for new volunteers if she described the average day at the refugee school…….. A typical day teaching at the Myanmar Refugee School Every day of teaching is different and will come with its own set of challenges but also the moments of excitement. Here is an example of what […]

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Children from the Myanmar refugee school play marshmallow tower game

Eilish and Faye moved into the new volunteers’ apartment this week and invited the children over to celebrate…….. On Friday morning the [refugee school] children took part in some team-building activities. They worked in small groups to achieve building the tallest tower using only marshmallows and spaghetti. They had just 10 minutes to construct a […]

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Latifah volunteered with BBBB and is now back in her native HK

Latifah took a gap year between graduating from Oxford and starting her career in law. After working for an NGO in HK she came to Malaysia for 3 months. If you are considering volunteering in Malaysia with the Myanmar refugee school you should certainly read this detailed blog by Latifah…….. PART I: My Experience at […]

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Eilish and Faye have been teaching the Myanmar refugees for 6 months

Eilish and Faye are both interns from the University of Bath working with the BBBB programme. We belatedly post a blog in which Eilish reflects on their first 3 months…….. My first three months in Kuala Lumpur with the BBBB programme: 1stSeptember- 29thNovember. Having been in Malaysia for 3 months now, my time as a […]

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Priya finishes her summer assignment in Malaysia

Priya, studying dentistry in the UK, has just completed her assignment at the refugee school in Kuala Lumpur…….. Teaching at MRCLC in Kuala Lumpur has been one of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences that I have had. I spent the last few weeks teaching English, Maths and Science to years 1 and 2 at […]

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Biaki Thinks Back Fondly on her Two Months in Malaysia

Biaki, from India, just concluded her volunteering assignment in Kuala Lumpur, which she took up after finishing her Masters at Kings College, London…….. I spent two months volunteering at a school in Kuala Lumpur and I can say that the experience I had will remain unrivalled to any other for a very long time. My […]

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Jamie returns to the UK after 3 life-changing months at the Refugee School

After finishing his MA at Durham Jamie decided to come to Malaysia and do something really different before starting a full time job…….. In three months of volunteering, I lived and developed enough for a lifetime. My time spent teaching at [ The Myanmar Refugee School] on weekdays and travelling Malaysia during the weekend created […]

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Lathangie and Tharuni complete their assignment with the Myanmar Refugees

Lathangie and Tharuni, who have been friends from childhood, came to KL together after finishing their degrees in the UK to spend three months working with the Myanmar refugees…….. Teaching at MRCLC was definitely an experience that will never be forgotten. On our first day of school, we were pleasantly surprised as the children all […]

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A Moving Video Tribute to the Children Mathieu Worked with in Malaysia

Mathieu volunteered with the Building Bridges programme in Malaysia this summer.  Like many of our volunteers his own experiences in life influenced his wish to help these children. Here’s a video of my stay in Malaysia thanks to the BBBB programme. It was a truly enriching human experience so I tried to convey that through this […]

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A Volunteer Shares her Photos from a Return Trip to Malaysia

Most volunteers in Kuala Lumpur say they enjoy their assignment. And several have returned more than once but Alexia holds the record for the most return trips to the Myanmar refugee school (although Mike and Emma put in the longest time). She recently sent us some pictures. Alexia with some of the teenagers at the […]

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Monica Comes Back to Visit the Myanmar Refugee School

    In 2017 Monica and her partner came and volunteered at the Myanmar refugee school in KL during a career break. They spent several months working with the children before returning to Europe. This summer Monica returned to the school to show her mother where she had worked and to introduce her to the […]

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