Neil is now back in Edinburgh after his summer in Hong Kong

SPICE Programme (Hong Kong) 28 Sep 2019

He reflects on the programme and has also prepared the short video below……..

The SPICE English programme makes so much difference to approximately 200 children over the 3 7-day long programmes which run through the summer, and it makes an enormous difference to the interns and volunteers involved too.

It is a great opportunity to gain an insight into the culture of Hong Kong, the education system and the people who call Hong Kong home. Working with students from backgrounds where it is possible that life is that bit harder for them and their families, you get to understand and appreciate how life is different for all of us and how giving your time and enthusiasm can make such a positive and lasting effect on the lives of others. In return, the memories, experience and knowledge which you will take home with you will be priceless and last a lifetime.

(Neil is studying for his MA in Primary Education at The University of Edinburgh)

SPICE – Summer Programme for Immersion in Communicative English

This project is run jointly with Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong HONG KONG