Mongolia…Volunteer in One of the World’s Most Exotic Countries!

Just Volunteers! News, Lotus Children’s Centre (Mongolia) 7 Apr 2018

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The Ultimate Big Sky Country!

Each summer, except 2020, The Lotus Children’s Centre looks for volunteers to help run activities with the children this summer at the home in Mongolia, one of the world’s least known and most under-populated countries. Perhaps you would like to consider this for NEXT SUMMER? (However, we may still take one longer term volunteer later in the year if this is permitted. See below.)

This is an exciting opportunity for those who are adaptable, love adventure, are not frightened of a very different physical and cultural environment and, of course, enjoy working with children!

Volunteers stay in Mongolian yurts (‘gers’) with other volunteers (of the same sex) but have access to showers. The gers are in the grounds of the children’s home in the heart of the Central Asian Steppe and about 45 minutes from the capital,  Ulaanbaatar.

jv website Lotus ger at night

A Traditional Ger at Night

Volunteers help to arrange and teach summer activities from music to sports. The kids, aged between 8 and 18 are enthusiastic and mostly keen to take part in the activities but it is up to the volunteers to make it fun and to engage the children. Each volunteer will have the chance to develop activities based on their own skills and interests.

Lotus welcomes volunteers to come for periods of 2 weeks to 2 months. (In fact this is the ONLY Just Volunteers! project which accepts volunteers for just two weeks!)

They charge US$20 per day for accommodation and all food. However, those staying for 4 weeks (or more) will be charged just US$15 per day.

Volunteers are welcome to apply in pairs or slightly larger groups.

(Look at Sam’s Blog from last summer to discover what he loved – and what he found tough…)

Longer Term Volunteering at Lotus…

Apart from the summer volunteers, Lotus also takes volunteers during the winter months to work on specific projects. These volunteers are not expected to pay for accommodation and usually receive a small allowance.

Life in Mongolia is tough and its people are proud the descendants of Ghengis Khan who once ruled most of the known world (and whose DNA can be traced in most Europeans!)

The winters are harsh with average January temperatures at -30 degrees, the summers can be chilly in the evenings. It is a dry climate.

If you are interested, please get in touch (Go to Contact Us)  and we will provide a full brochure on volunteering at Lotus along with an application form. We require your CV and a Disclosure and Barring Check (or equivalent).

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Down by the River

If you would like to have a truly different experience we would love to hear from you.